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The all-in-one platform for web3 communities

Engage your Web3 community on Web3 for an improved experience that boosts your projects value

Popular platforms are failing web3 communities

Chaos in the Community Space

Discord, Telegram, Twitter and other commonly used platforms in the web3 community space offer limited options for engagement and integration of web3 features. Slack is too expensive, Discord is a mess and Telegram is just too simple for larger communities and Twitter is an algorithmic mess. 


It’s time to improve the way we build, grow and manage communities in web3.

failing socials

Community powered by Web3

We want to build a platform that enables web3 communities to actually live on web3.

Creating a platform that will offer:

  • Chat
  • Gamification and leaderboards
  • Community tokens
  • Built-in FAQs and Knowledge Bases
  • Wallet-based access
  • Roles and permissions
  • Bots
  • Metaverse extension for virtual meetings
  • Desktop and Mobile App

Advantages and Benefits

Wallet-based access

Your members can join your community with their wallets, offering anonymity and wallet-based roles and permissions

Social Features

A platform with all the features of traditional social platforms upgraded with web3 functionalities, for a complete experience

Knowledge Hubs

Give your members the answers to their questions, using integrated FAQs and knowledge pages to provide project relevant information, accessible for everyone.


Give your community the look and feel you want, not what Discord and Telegram force you to use.

Open-source and APIs

With an open-source core your devs can customize the platform to your likings or add useful APIs to connect analytics, build automations and more.


Easily set up virtual rooms to have interactive meet-ups with your community, improving the experience and deeping relationships. Making your community unique.


Create community tokens or use the WSDM token to create digital products or gate knowledge and reward the best community members.


Growing your community has never been easier. Invite new members, create referral links, set up competitions or get listed on our community leaderboard.

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The solution is

Building web3 communities made easy


A total supply of 1 Billion $WSDM will be issued.

30% of Wisdom platform profit will be used for buy back token from the market and burn.

$WSDM will be the key  to the Wisdom Ecosystem



14,5% reserved for Token Sale


3% reserved for Liquidity


17% held in reserve for the Team with a 4 year vesting period


3% is reserved for Advisory


3,5% reserved for Treasury and Research


4% reserved for Partnerships


50% reserved for the Wisdom Ecosystem Rewards and Incentives


5% reserved for Operations



• Developed the concept of web3 native community platform


• Blockchain development partnership
• Partnerships with launchpads
• MVP built
• Starting community growth

Gaining Traction

• Launching Token
• Launching Beta platform


• Update platform to V2
• Add web3 functionalities
• List token on T2 DEX

Building a Network

• Update platform to V3
• Grow community to 100'000 active members
• List on T2 CEX


• Launch mobile app
• Launch community NFTs
• Get listed on T1 DEX and CEX
Q3 2022
2023 Q1
2023 Q2
2023 Q3
2023 Q4


Corporate Partners

Strategic Partners

Become an investor or partner and revolutionize the web3 community space with us

Our Team


Patrick Vögeli


Patrick has a long track record in IT-Software, from securing deals with industry leading enterprises to developing new products. Now he brings his expertise in team and operations management to Wisdom.


Stephen J. Wright


Global business executive, Board member, Investor and advisor. 3x Tech CEO. A native in the digital world providing access to his vast network experts and investors.

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Sandro Feuillet


Sandro oversees the design and development of the blockchain software and infrastructure, with years of experience in the blockchain sector and AI development, bringing passion to the technical.


Dr. Ilona Wright


Ilona brings a decade of experience in developing products and software start-ups as an executive, from the concept to MVP and creating a brand and marketing strategy around it.

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